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“Live” Internet Bible Study – Bethel No. 2 A.P. Church

“Live” Internet Bible Study – Bethel No. 2 A.P. Church

"Live" Internet Bible Study

Join Bethel No. 2 in our First “Live” Internet Bible Study.
This “Live” Bible Study will take place during our actual Bible Study Service and is open to Bethel members and non-members alike.
      If you can access the Internet, you are welcomed to ask Bible Questions, or Questions of how the Bible pertains to our life in the 21st Century. You are also welcomed to ask about our faith and why we believe the way we do?
      Simply type in your question in our “Live” chat room and a  Bethel Host will verbalize your question to Dr. Hill then type his answer back to you, all during our actual  Bible Study Service.
      Dr. Bishop Anthony Hill has Pastored Bethel # 2 for over 15 years. He  earned his Doctorate Degree in 2008.
Date: January 29th, 2010
Time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
You can visit our website at:
The chat room can be found here:
To participate, you must register for our Forum 
Feel free to email your Question in advance to:
"Live" Internet Bible Study

"Live" Internet Bible Study


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Bethel No. 2 spent New Year’s Eve Praising in the New Year Twenty-Ten!

We at Bethel hope you and your family will have  a Great New Year,   Filled with New Praises!

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